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Talking The Alliteration Game...YES another one!!

Hi Everyone,

We did well with the story and the "person below me" is doing okay.
So lets play one thats word oriented and challenging...
Here is how this one works,

Beginning with the letter A, (I shall start) and then moving thru each letter of the alphabet per person, we have to type a sentence of four or more words (lets keep the max words to seven) all beginning with the letter of the alphabet that Alliteration.

I shall start with the letter A

All articles are arranged alphabetically.

(See each word begins with the letter A, the next Letter is B, and each word must begin with B...that person will type their sentence and underneath, type next letter - C...and so on)

So here we go,
All articles are arranged alphabetically.

next letter - B

I bolded mine just as reference. Hope you have fun and good luck to the people who hit the hard letters, but you are all very smart and Im sure you will all do a great job. er keep it clean please. Thanks
K good luck and have fun
And remember: Dont let this interfere with playing Cryptos...and this is open to ANY registered member, so new people dont be afraid, join in please.


ps admin if this is a bother let me know and i can delete it.
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