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Default Cross-training

All kinds of puzzles work different parts of your brain. Some are word-based and deal with language and definition skills, like crosswords. Others, like Sudoku and logic puzzles, are mostly about ruling out impossibilities. Ken-ken is math-based. DropQuotes, cryptos, and anacrostics are largely pattern recognition and language construction. (Anacrostics include x-word skills.) And Solitaire is great for planning ahead.

You should try a variety of puzzles, to see which taps that special part of your brain that's waiting to get out.

And you're not that slow, Abra. Some of us only go fast because there's a competition for it. It never occurred to me to do these quickly until the Puzzle Baron started keeping track. Same with 100%. I didn't start doing it every month for a long time. And some months, I don't, just to see how I do under no-pressure conditions.
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