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Talking Want to play a game???

Aw come one it will be fun...really!!

K...I will type one line. The next person will add a line using the last letter of the last word of my line as the first letter of their line. The person after that will use the last letter of that line to type a line, and so on and so on to see what story we are able to weave. (Did that make sense?) Sure it did you are all very smart people, and this game is open to anyone.
Lets keep it clean folks and adhere to the forum rules. And anyone can play...please dont be will be funny and interesting to see what we all come up with.
(I realize that I will check this often and see this post sitting alone with the sounds of crickets chirping and tumbleweeds blowing thru it, however I shall remain optimistic)

Ok I will begin...

It was a hot summer day in the city.

(so the next line should begin with the letter 'y')

Please dont worry about grammar or spelling. This is just a way to get people to interract more on site.
***And if anyone has a better game please let us know***
But dont let this interfere with your solving. Its just for when the site is slow or you are having a coffee or need a break.
Courage is the art of being the only one who knows you're scared to death.

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