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Default RE: The Comments Box

It was my understanding that the Comments we can leave after we have solved a quote were to be directed at the quote itself.
I do understand some new people asking questions in them, HOWEVER
I do not understand nor appreciate when comments are left that insult the integrity of other players.
And why these comments are not being deleted is beyond me.
And to add injury to insult, admin deletes my responses to these comments and leaves the original vacuous and lame insult in there.

Please dont diss other players in the comments box. People solve fast around here.
Lots of us do. We didnt solve fast when we started. We learned and improved and played and played and loved the game.

If some members have a "problem" with how fast quotes are solved, then bloody well come here and make a post and allow
us all to respond to it. Leaving rude and inane and, as a matter of fact, completely inaccurate statements in the comments section
indicates to me a kind of cowardice.

Im trying not to be too insulting and its taking all I have not to call these members out. Most of the regulars know of whom I speak.
Just deal with it. There are really fast players on site not because they cheat but because they just "get" this game.
And can type fast and have faster computers and faster browsers and excellent pattern recognition and wonderful memories.
Grow up!!
Courage is the art of being the only one who knows you're scared to death.

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