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Default More tips

I just remembered a few more...

In addition to "never" and "there" look for every. Once in a while, it might instead be again or total.

What looks like "never" might be "state."

Also, look for these word combinations that are not always at the beginning of the quote:
  • a man
  • does not
  • they are
  • it isn't

A long word with the same first and third character could be everything, everybody, everyone. "Opportunities" is a give away. Civilization is also a good one.

These are just some of mine. You'll come up with your own, and it might be a good idea to create a list on paper with groups of words that are similar (like modest, honest, borrow, sorrow, follow, common, "you cannot," etc.) Do enough cryptograms and you won't need it anymore.
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