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If you can solve the first few words, that might be the key to the rest. For example, I look for the following patterns:
It is
We are
No man
He who
Do not
He has
Those who

Another really good clue is "No one." The first 2 letters ("no") are switched ("on") in the second word.

What I usually look for right away are words like "never" and "there" If "there" doesn't work, it might be "these"

The other thing I look for right away is "it's." Once in a while, but not too often, it can be "he's," "he'd" or "we'd." Look also for "don't," "won't," or "can't." If these don't work, it might be "God's" or "one's." A dead giveaway is "didn't"

Look also for ever and even. If not one of these, it might be eyes, rare or none.

Don't forget that a one-letter word can also be "O." Especially if the author is James Joyce, Keats, Shelley, Frost, or another poet.
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