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Question What are you worried about

I voted for the automatic replacement option. I tried both options and solved a few hundred puzzles with each, but I found it really doesn't make a difference to me. In fact, after solving a few hundred puzzles, I never saw the pink highlighted letters occur even once. Most people seem to be voting for the "Leave it the heck alone" option. I say, why should we be worried? Let's give all newcomers to the site every advantage that will help them to solve even faster. Everyone who has voted would have to admit that they have become much faster solvers after using the site for a while. If we look back at the monthly speed records, it's obvious we've all become much faster. I would encourage Stephen to introduce one of the two, just to make this an even more attractive, trafficked website. Ultimately, don't you want to have more solvers, Stephen? Two years ago, I asked the site administrator of the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament website if he would add a link to This site's link has been posted there since. I did my little part to try to bring super-fast solvers to the site. I have always welcomed ever faster solvers, and I would like to see one of these two new facilitations implemented, just to bring the new solvers up to speed. Leave it the heck alone? Heck, no!!

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