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Default ???

Ok the pause button just jumped out at me.
uhuh...yes lets have a pause button, take the time to google the quote,
then type it really fast. And as for eliminating it from our stats...
well...whenever we hit one we just dont like, pause, pause oh hey an easy one, pause ...

Seriously, I am so of the "if it aint broke dont fix it" school of thought.

Admin was addressing a common complaint, mostly I imagine from new users.
Lets just change the whole darned thing shall we.
Take all the challenge out of it.

I think thats why admin introduced the compete/no compete option.

The "I give up option."
errrr??? then give up. or ohh i dunno, solve the puzzle?!
Thats sort what most us of do here.
Some of us just solve what we can, at the fastest we can; others just solve.
If we want to know what the puzzle says, well we solve it. Or we wait, it will come
around again eventually.
For beginning solvers when I first started, we werent so focused on time, we
worked a puzzle, until we figured it out. Thats the fun of this.
Sure we google, its no secret, we use helper programs, again no secret,
but for those of us who prefer to go for 100 percent and others as well...we just work it out.
And many puzzles arent easily solved with help programs or Google so we
use that thing inside our heads that made us decide to play this wonderful game
in the first place. Our brains. Fantastic computers that they are.

I do understand that the site is trying to attract new players and making it more "user friendly" is
a fabu idea, but please Admin, dont make it EASY. The joy of this game is the challenge it provides.
At least for me.

I do apologize for the tone of this, sort of got alot on my mind and all, but lets get a titch real here.
Courage is the art of being the only one who knows you're scared to death.

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