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Haha, nope that isn't my mother who teaches at Union College... just a professor that happens to have the same name as I do. Pretty weird though considering Union College is in Schenectady which is next to where I live in Albany... I'm also a little weirded out that you Googled my name

And smoochie... like I said... I'm glad you are so concerned with my solving percentage. I couldn't care less about how many puzzles I've solved or haven't solved. There are bigger things in the world to be concerned about so I'm glad your life is empty enough to take the time to care about my 81% for me. I choose to do cryptograms for fun and the challenge of it. That was my whole point to begin with (don't be so concerned with scores and percentages... just have fun and enjoy the challenge) but you apparently missed it because you were too busy being offended for no reason.

So, I'll enjoy solving puzzles by challenging my brain to do them as quickly as possible and you can go ahead and continue to be obsessed with solving every puzzle you come across on this website that generates the same cryptograms over and over again... even if it does take you well over an entire minute to do so. Certainly no shame in that.

Enjoy your delusions of grandeur.
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