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Thanks, Lurker. You're right, I never keep up with what's going on in the forums.

It's interesting. I've been playing pretty regularly over the last couple of weeks and didn't notice any new names regularly popping up in the record fields. Maybe there are just too many puzzles for 700 to be that noticeable. Seemed to me that bansai & co. were as dominant as ever.

I remember when I first started playing these games wondering whether bansai was somehow cheating with some kind of cryptogram-solving program. Then my own times got faster, to the point where I'm within ten seconds of his (her?) times pretty regularly (though many of his times still astound me). And I'm a hunt-and-peck typist! Now I just see him as an outlier who has found the activity he was born to do.

Down with Tdog, though.
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