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The module was removed yesterday, and CAN NOT/WILL NOT be used here again.

Regarding lag, my tool was not responsible. I tested my program for a few hours 2-3 days ago. It was manually clicked each time it solved a puzzle, with at least 30 seconds in between puzzles. Typically about 3-5 minutes while I analyzed the results.

I understand your anger, and once again, apologize to all of you for testing this tool here. If the admin knows anything about databases, my results can easily be removed. I registered and 'played' while logged in to make it easier to identify my results vs. having to filter out random guest results.

Yes, I realize I should have asked first, but I was under time constraints to finish this project. This is not an excuse, just the facts of my situation. Not that I will ever do this again here, but in the future, I will obtain permission prior to 'testing' any forthcoming program I may build.


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