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Exclamation Module

Plan on removing it soon? Whether its a "Test" module or not, you are affecting peoples scores, and this mod you have must be hitting the server fairly hard, causing slow downs on the site.

And ask first. Would have been the politest way to do things, taking into consideration what you are doing is dicey at best.

If your bot is scraping the database, you are affecting the players currently on line. Alot of us could not play due to delay and lag time.

I am not administration, but if I were them, I would locate your addy, and block you. And I doubt admin will be able to remove your scores.

So, as nice as you appear to be, you really did a number on players competing. And couching it under the guise of do it and then ask for forgiveness is the immature way to deal with it.

Excuse me I am angry.

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