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Originally Posted by Claireanne View Post
I dont see how. You cant copy a puzzle because I am certain admin has set up codes to prevent that, and copying would be the only way to cheat... copy and paste to a solver of some sort? There is no way I can see how that could happen.

Forgive me for intervening, but I recently wrote a cryptogram solving program for a client. I also wrote a temporary module (FOR TESTING ONLY) that 'scraped' the cryptogram displayed here, and sent that to my program, which then sent back the results and 'typed' them back into the form. My program is currently only 39% accurate, but is very fast (1-2 seconds when solved) (add 5+ seconds for lag & to type back the results).

NOW, as I said in my greeting message...
I only used this site for testing purposes of my program, and I asked the admin to delete ALL results from my account from the database. I hope that it will be easy for him/her to do this. Once again, my apologies to all those that are offended by my actions. I registered before testing so that my results could be easily removed (hopefully!). The testing module will be removed before handing the program to my client, so that it can't be used here again!!!!

My sincere apologies,
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