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Unhappy missing cryptogram

When I left the house yesterday I had a 100% solve for the month. When I came home I had one missing. I know my guy was on the computer, but he denies touching anything having to do with this site even though it was left running in the system by myself when I left.

This depresses me because I don't seem to find the time to stay in the top 20 high scores, and now my success rate is blown. That leaves only fastest solver and I'm not even doing that great on that so far. Maybe I'll skip the competing this month. I'm a poor loser...always have been. Of course I'll keep playing when I find the time though. I'm addicted like the rest of you crazy people. (I mean that in the best possible way of's nice to know other people get addicted to this stuff too. My guy calls it "The smart person's game that you play" )
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