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Originally Posted by bansaisequoia View Post
Have you changed your mind about your favorite ice cream? Do you have any new cats?

As a matter of fact, yes on both regards! I have three cats now! Goofy, Hannah, and Dakota

In fact, there is also a funny story with Dakota:

We didn't exactly choose to get him... You see, my stepdad was driving through a parking lot when a young kitten crossed the road in front of him. He slammed on the brakes, and the kitten passed by without noticing a thing (he was fine). So, my stepdad got out of the car to see if the cat was OK, and he couldn't find him anywhere! So, after searching for a while, he assumed the kitten had run off, so he got back in his car and drove off. He proceeded to drive to his job for a short visit so he could pick up his check, which was far away, and he had to go over two big bridges to get there... Then he drove to the grocery store, and then all the way back home. Then, for some reason he heard a meowing sound. It turns out the cat had lodged in the spare-tire's compartment the entire time! It is amazing he is still alive today

Also, I am Vegan now, so I can't have Ice Cream anymore

Oh well, Vegan Ice Cream tastes good too ^_^

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