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Default intro

1. Name
Mark Bersalona

2. Why you are here
I'm developing a cryptogram application for iPhone - a dictionary lookup tool, not a game (so I'm not competing with the app!) - and needed to test it against lots of cryptograms; found my way to this site and am having a blast "testing" the app against cryptograms I wouldn't have a chance solving otherwise, though I am finding my cryptogram solving skills are improving. Love how the online puzzles fill in all the matching letters, saves a lot of time by not needing to copy to paper and all. I'm still amazed other folks are solving puzzles in under 30 seconds??

3. Random fact(s) about you
Only learned how to use chopsticks about 3 years ago; I think its an elegant way to eat versus poking miniature pitchforks and shovels into your mouth, at least as long as the food is suitable for chopsticks.

4. Favorite ice-cream flavor
Cookies and cream

5. A deep dark secret coded in a cryptogram
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