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Default When does the time start? When does it end?

Okay, I'm silly enough to play with dial-up. I shouldn't, but I got kind of addicted, and tried for a few months to make the top 20, and managed to do it. I decided that I was spending WAY too much time, so I quit.

A few days ago, I started visiting again. The board is even slower for me than it used to be. I just wondered if those seconds it takes to load the cryptogram, and the seconds it takes to submit it, are added to the score. Or does it start when the puzzle is loaded and end when you press "Check It"?

Also, after I had been visiting again for about 3 days, suddenly I couldn't get this site to load at all for about a day and a half. Has that ever happened to anyone else? I was surprised when I checked this forum and no one had mentioned it, so I guess it was just me.

Then just a few minutes ago, when I went to post here, IE just disappeared and I got a message that McAffe had removed a trojan. I don't know if that had anything to do with this site or not.

Sorry for so many questions.
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