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Default Guest High Scores

Originally Posted by gryhnd51 View Post
Hey there, Admin,

Am I mistaken, or did you (once upon a time.......... long ago) say that you were going to eliminate our guests' ability to be high scorer on a solved cryptogram? Did I just dream this?

does anyone else remember the BOSS (sorry, Bruce) saying that in an earlier thread?

I personally like being able to identify my co-solver who bested me......particularly if is ISN'T Bansai or his alter-ego Bonsai!!!
Sorry Guys.
I am one of those guests who occassionally get high scores. I'm just an old phart, pushing 3/4 of a century, who comes on here just to keep the brain cells working. I know that I am not smart enough to solve these things without help, or it would take me more time than my frustration level allows without getting the vowels in place. I actually feel bad when the high score thingy shows up, but then I know that some else is going to score an unbelievable score as soon as they get the chance to run the puzzle. At the same time, I really, as a former auditor/analyst, can't believe some of the scores that show up. I have theories as how it is done, but, again my frustration level forbids me from deriving the proof.
I'll just leave things as they are. Thanks for the challanges.
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