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Smile Someone help me please......need to solve

...I have been all over the web and need to solve the following cryptic message. If anyone can please direct to me to anyone who could help me.
Below is what I need to solve. To make matters worse, there is a good chance it could be in Spanish.

U2FsaW8gymIIbiBkZSB1bHRpbWEgaG9yYSBhcHJvdmVjaGFuZG 8gcXVIIHR1cyBwYXBhcyBIc3RhbiBhcXVpLCBpbnZpdG8gYSA5 IG5pw7FvcyBkZWwgY29sZSB2YSBhIHNIciBkZSAxMSBhIDIgbm 8gZXMgbmFkYSBncmFuZGUgbm8GUgaW52aXRhZG8gYSBhZHVsdG 9zIHNvbG8gbmnDsW9z

Please help me!
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