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Cool xenocyptic puzzles are a pain

Originally Posted by maradnu View Post
I have run into my second crypto which has a sentence in another language, then the same sentence again in English. The first one, a couple of months ago, was Spanish & English - the one today was French & English. I studied some French many (many, many) years ago, but the Spanish/English really gave me fits.

I understand using a word or two, but a whole sentence in another language, seems a little unfair. If I knew Spanish well enough to solve cryptos in Spanish, then I'd try to find a Spanish language site with cryptograms.

Maybe I am a little touchy - I'd kind of like to know how other solvers feel about that.
If they are marked then I would have to look up the I know german...solving one in chinese would be impossible...but having had 3 yrs of latin in high school (many, many, many, many moons ago), can squeak by sometimes with italian....but prefer the good ol' english
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