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There's nothing particularly tricky about xenocrypts, provided you can find a good word list. But they should be marked as xenocrypts.

IOW, the language should be specified.

I remember banging my head against an unspecified xenocrypt for a good long time - I kept going back to it for weeks. Turned out to be the first two verses of Jaberwocky, translated into Italian. I don't know if it would have been easier, had I known it was Italian, since most of the words were invented.

Brillineggiava, ed i tovoli slati
girlavano ghimbanti nella vaba;
I borogovi eran tutti mimanti
e la moma radeva fuorigraba.

"Figliuolo mio, sta' attento al gibrovacco,
dagli artigli e dal morso lacerante;
fuggi l'uccello giuggiolo, e nel sacco
metti infine il frumioso bandifante".

-- Lewis Carroll, "Jabberwocky"
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