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Default Be careful!

The fault is mine for playing while still half asleep, but I joined the Premium Membership just before I went to bed last night. I enjoy the game so much, it seemed fair to support it. However, when I logged on this morning, I got a strange page I've never seen before--not Pay Pal or Cryptograms. I wasn't being redirected, so I went to "history" to get to Cryptograms. That was my sleepy mistake. Without realizing it, I pulled up the puzzle I had given up on last night when my brain gave out. Unfortunately, I solved it quickly this morning. (Too bad I solved it!) I just added over 37,000 seconds to my average. I'm only playing for speed now, just to keep it fun and stress-free. I don't even want to look at my speed record now. So--do be careful about the screens which come up right after you join Premium Membership. My "good deed" just did in my record! Oh well, now I'll truly have to relax and just have fun!
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