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kat 10-10-2008 11:48 PM

skipped puzzles
Well, I'm still dealing with computer issues. This time on my laptop which also isn't the fastest computer around. I downloaded firefox which seems to be working better on this computer, but I find that I get more unsolved puzzles with this browser. I mean, I just looked at my scores a few minutes ago and saw that I had missed a puzzle. By the time I got it done 767 seconds had elapsed. Not good for my time, which is already taking a beating this month. I guess I will have to check my scores more often. I wonder why that happens. Did I double click on Try Another Puzzle? Hmmm...:confused:

Laura 10-11-2008 12:14 AM


I'm not sure why it happens but I have noticed that whenever I double-click on the play link there's a good chance that an extra puzzle will be in my recent games list. Yesterday I noticed that I had three games I didn't know about and I don't remember double-clicking.

By the way, I'm using Firefox also and don't know if that's a factor. And although I love using Firefox, one thing I'm not crazy about is that it shuts down on me from time to time. When that occurs while I'm doing a cryptogram, the next time I open a browser it opens with a different game already in progress, and the seconds are ticking away. Then I have to go back and complete the puzzle I was doing before the crash.

I try to check statistics after every game. It slows you down some but at least you know right away if you've missed one.

digirl28 10-11-2008 10:00 PM

Double clicking
I am also using Firefox and have noticed the same thing about unsolved games sneaking in there. Yesterday, it seemed like my computer just wasn't responding and I know I clicked the play button again, because I thought maybe I hadn't hit it long enough. After about 6 minutes of play, I went to check my stats and there were two unsolved games. It is a bit of a pain, because those games add a lot to time. I'm just glad that I try to check every five minutes or so. Oh well....


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