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kimmie 05-02-2012 09:31 PM

repeat puzzles
When I registered at this site, one of the advantages of playing competitively was that you would never get the same puzzle twice. Now I see that they can give you a repeat puzzle in a different code. But, it's not like I remember what the "e" was in a puzzle I have seen before, but I DO remember the quote/saying. Guess there's nothing to do about it except taking some freebies to solve quickly and get more points.

Lurker 05-03-2012 05:00 AM

There are tens of thousands of quotes here, so it is unlikely you will get the same one twice in a week. However, since the draw is randomized, you can get the same one twice in a row. There are still some that players have discussed that I've never gotten, and one I'm waiting to get again because I KNOW I can beat Bansai's time if I recognize it.

kimmie 05-03-2012 05:32 AM

I started solving puzzles here again the last 10 days of March. I have had 2 or 3 repeats. Oh, well--just hope I can get great solving times (since that is not my strong suit).

Lurker 05-03-2012 06:02 AM

Someone suggested that they are on a greater rotation. Like chunks of 8,000 quotes circulate at a time, then move on after a few months. There are some I used to get frequently that I haven't seen in a long time, so the theory may have legs.

fredsevent 05-03-2012 01:14 PM

Getting the same quote may be helpful to some, but I usually don't even notice until I see some lame comment by fredsevent. I'm also reminded of the time I got a fairly easy one repeated with just one puzzle in between. The first time I solved it in ~40 seconds, two minutes later it took me nearly 100 seconds to solve the exact same quote!


Lacon 05-03-2012 03:53 PM

Also, some quotations occur in the database more than once. An example, I believe, is the Lincoln quotation about sending whiskey to his generals. Two of those popped up back-to-back a while ago, with two different sets of comments attached. (Took a disappointing 35 seconds to fill in the second puzzle, despite having recognized the quote immediately.)

Altoid701 05-07-2012 08:44 PM

Back when I used to be on this site for hours a day I ran into repeated quotes quite often. Only once did it occur back to back (and that was a pleasant surprise!), but there were several times when I would get the same quote within an hour or two of solving it. Meanwhile, I still haven't gotten the Spanish quote (at least not that I'm aware of...I guess I could have skipped it).

ETA: And just after I posted this I got another quote which I distinctly remember solving the last time I played, which was about a week ago. It happens.

momof7 05-17-2012 01:34 AM

repeat quotes
Like Fred, I also get repeat quotes that I don't remember till I see a comment by myself that I also don't remember. Sometimes, I get quotes back to back that have words in common. That seems to happen consistently for a little bit and then it goes back to random quotes. That definitely helps my solving time. For example, I'll get a quote about families and the next quote will also be about families.

abra 05-18-2012 08:15 AM

I get the quotes with a common word pretty often. I get fairly frequent repeats, I'm usually half way through them, before I recognize them. Sometimes I don't recognize them.

I don't think I could type fast enough to beat Bansai, even if I did recognize it. - Gail

momof7 05-21-2012 06:22 PM

beating Bansai
I agree, Abra. Even if I knew what the quote was before I clicked play, I still don't think I could beat Bansai's times. I'd need 3 hands - 2 for typing and another for the mouse.

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