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MBersalona 10-17-2010 03:45 PM

My iPhone cryptogram dictionary app got accepted!
I've been developing an iPhone app, CryptoHint, an electronic cryptogram dictionary, and it just got accepted into the Apple iTunes App Store! It's a cryptogram dictionary based on letter patterns - here are the highlights.
  • Type in a word exactly as it appears in a cryptogram puzzle - if XJFFXU is in a cryptogram, you only need to type XJFFXU instead of mentally translating it into something else like ABCCAD or 1-221-. All the words matching the letter pattern will be listed.
  • Select a word from the match list and its letters will be added to the letter substitution map. Subsequent searches will be filtered by the map.
  • You can also select individual letter substitutions to be added to the map.
  • Large dictionary of over 300,000 words, including abbreviations and acronyms, American and British spellings, and proper names.

I've been using CryptoHint to help me solve the cryptograms here. At first I needed help with every puzzle, but as I got more practice I found I got better, to the point where I usually don't need my own app! Still can't solve a cryptogram in under 20 seconds like so many folks seem to be doing, but now if I can solve it without resorting to CryptoHint (typing individual cryptogram words on the iPhone screen can be slow), my times are usually under 2 minutes.

Please visit the CryptoHint website for details, examples and screenshots. I'd appreciate any comments and suggestions.

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